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07-14-2010, 04:48 PM
Little about me,I'm 24 years old, 5'11" 206lbs, My weight has been up and down over several years, hitting a high of 270lbs at 17 and a low of 176lbs after a bad motorcycle wreck that had left me with excruciating pain in my jaw for a month which made eating alot of solid food difficult.

Also fought depression for several years which is how I lost alot of the weight because I wasn't eating much,so I joined my Company Gym a year ago and poked around on and off with no real plan, I do have some muscles,not very strong though and I'm still quite noticeably fat,probably over 20%bf(no pics right now).

Now after reading Several Fitness/Nutrition Books and rummaging around this site for awhile i now have a Plan,Goals, and I am Focused.

The Diet:
Meal #1:1 cup Kashi GoLean in 6oz. skim milk,3 hard-boiled eggs

Meal #2:1 Serving Potato salad(Recipe from a Sports Nutrition Book,1/2 pound red potatoes,Lemon Juice/Vinegar Based)

Meal #3:2 whole wheat Tortillas(6"),10 oz. Canned Chicken,2Tbsp light miracle whip

Post Workout:Slice of Watermelon,less than 1/2 cup Choclate Pudding and Protein Shake with 8oz. skim milk

Meal #4:16oz. Grilled Chicken,1/2 cup Pinto Beans and 4 Egg whites

I also Started an EC stack as of Saturday According to hotnfit.com dosing,Multivitamin,1200mg Omega 3-6-9,and 120+ oz. Water.

According to fitday.com,Macros come to 49/31/20 ,2173 Calories,47g Fat,170.1g Carbs,260.4g Protein

Workout:40min. minimum when lifting,and target HR of 140bpm-150bpm
Monday: Lifting Biceps,Triceps,Shoulders,10min. C2 Rowing,20min. Elliptical
Tuesday:10min. C2 Rowing,30 min. Elliptical
Wednesday:Legs,10min. C2 Rowing,20min elliptical
Thursday:Same as Tuesday
Friday:Chest,Back,10min. C2 Rowing,20min. Elliptical

To the Questions...

I plan to follow this Regimen for 9 weeks,is 20lbs lost a realistic goal or am I just kidding myself?

Is 2200 Calories too low to start off?(maintenance figured at 2883 Calories)

HotnFit.com Advises against HIIT when taking the EC stack,so should I leave HIIT out or not?

I smoke Marijuana a bit(2-3 joints a wk),not worried about munchies as I have really good willpower against em,what does concern me is the Increased heart rate from the THC coupled with the EC stack,should I really be that concerned?

Thanks in advance to all advice and critque.