View Full Version : Anyone one else think that this Free Agency has been a let down??

07-06-2010, 06:02 PM
Anyone else think it has been a let down?? I mean all we heard on ESPN was how almost every player was going to a new team, and now most likely Lebrick and Wade will be staying at their original teams..The only "big" name travelers are Amare and Bosh...

Feels bad man...I was looking forward to see the superstars with new teams..

07-06-2010, 06:06 PM
It was hyped so hard that it could only result in a let down.

07-06-2010, 06:06 PM
Too early to tell but I actually am disappointed so far since Amare' is the only one to change teams. There are still a ton of big names out there (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Boozer, Lee) though so I'm not to disappointed yet.

07-06-2010, 06:21 PM
Money > Winning

Don't forget it.

07-06-2010, 06:21 PM
Did not care about the free agency bull$hit this summer.

All these phaggots making these "rumor" threads.

I didnt click on any of that repetitive bull$hit.

07-06-2010, 06:25 PM
the jets did pretty badass this offseason

07-06-2010, 06:27 PM
the jets did pretty badass, i loved this years free agency

hahahahaha nicely played! Good swtich up.