View Full Version : Good Bulking diet??

07-03-2010, 01:37 PM

Currently im in on a bulking diet for the next few months preparing for a bb comp on Nov 27th. I just want some opinions on my diet and any suggestions to make it better

Note: All meals (except breakfast) have green veggies in them, i just dont count them towards daily totals. And I know the fat doesnt add up, but the rest of my fat comes indirectly like from the oatmeal, chicken and brown rice.

kcals: 4000
500g Carbs
300g Protein
88g fats

Meal 1:
1 2/3 cups oatmeal (100g carbs)
10 egg whites (35 g pro)
2 eggs (12g pro, 10g fat)

Meal 2:
8oz chicken breast (50g pro, 4g fat)
Brown rice (70g carbs)
1 tbsp olive oil (13g fat)

Meal 3(pre workout)
2 servings whey (50 g pro)
Whole wheat pasta (100g carbs)
serving almonds (10 g fat)

Meal 4(post workout shake)
Dextrose (50g carbs)
Maltodextrin (50g carbs)
2 servings whey (50g pro)

Meal 5:
Sweet potatoes (100g carbs)
8oz Lean steak top round, top sirloin etc (50g pro, 10-15g fat)

Meal 6:
2 servings casein (50g pro)
bran cereal (30g carbs)
tbsp natural peanut butter (14g fat)