View Full Version : lol @ the Red Sox

07-02-2010, 06:39 AM
Many Delcarman and Jason Varitek just hit the DL.

That's like 3 days after both VMart ad Pedroia hit the DL.

Current players who are shelved:

Add to that:
-Cameron has a sports hernia, currently "playing" with it, but missed awhile
-JD Drew misses 2 games a week with an infected tampon

Also, those guys who you don't know of that got injured this season:
Tazawa: Out for the year TJ surgery (2nd best pitching prospect)
Lowrie: Out till who knows with Mono (former top prospect)
Westmoreland: Cavernous malformation in brain stem (brain surgery in the pre season....he's our top prospect)
Iglesias: Broken hand (top pick last year or the year before..)

Did the Red Sox lose a bet with god?