View Full Version : What is a healthy gain /week/month?

07-01-2010, 02:30 PM
I would like to know what a healthy gain of weight is when you are bulking and trying to get bigger. Some people I know say they gain like 10 pounds a month. For me that seems too much, or just mostly fat.

Im at 150 right now, my diet is 2-3 bowls of rice or mashed potatoes with 1 chicken breast, and thats 2 times a day. When I eat like PB/Banana sandwiches about 3-4 per day. I have eggs every other day 2 in the morning with w/grain bread

I have a whey shake after a workout with pb and milk, came out to like 550cals.

My goal is 1LB/week and about 3-4LBs/month. I know this is will not be mainly muscle but I want to keep my fat levels down so that when the time comes I do not have to "cut" as much.

What do you think