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06-23-2010, 04:03 AM
Hi there,

I am new to the site so i hope ive posted in the right place.

Basically 3 months ago I decided to reshape my whole figure as i was not eating the right things at the right times, didnt work out much and my sleeping pattern was messed up due to being at uni for 3 years.

Ive quit drinking alcohol and for the last two months I have seen dramatic changes to the way i look i.e bigger muscles, weigh less, feel better about myself, but i have got to a point where im stuck on how to get abit bigger without it changing the way i look for the worse. I am very very weight concious when it comes to carbs.

Im 5 foot 7 and weigh 168 pounds (11 stone 3)

I make sure i eat 1g or abit more of protein per pound i weigh. Here is my daily plan at the moment:

8am 4 boiled egg whites with only 1 yoke
11am whey protein shake
12pm salad tuna , olive oil
3pm whey protein shake
5- 6pm 2 chicken breasts with veg
10pm Almond paste or cup of boiled water mixed with one teaspoon of porridge to get me through the night

Due to being a postman i tend to walk 8 - 10 miles a day and use the gym once every two days, an example is monday will be chest and bicepts, weds back and tricepts friday shoulders and legs and i make sure i do an ab workout once every two days.

As youve probably noticed the only carbs in my diet are salads and veg! :( this is due to how concious i am about the carbs making me fat and making my abs. I have a very slow motabolism and was quite big as a child.

Obviously noone could possibly go forever like this and this is where my massive problem is, i get to a point after two weeks or a week sometimes where i burn my body out and i crave carbs, so at a certain time in the night, say 3am i naturally wake up and binge on carbs, not remembering i did it until i see the mess in the kitchen in the morning. When i wake up i feel sick and tell myself im not going to eat carbs again and increase my cardio to burn what ive put on.

I really need tips on how to balance this problem and hopefully overcome it as i do want my muscle mass to increase aswell as looking trim.

Another question i have is if im just eating prtein through the day, wont my body be using the protein to feed on before my muscles even get to see some of it?

Really could do with some help. I know wolemeal carbs are not bad for you but when i have them in my fridge i.e wholemeal pitta bread, wholemeal bread etc i binge on them because i know they are there.

One idea i had was to buy something like cyclone that has carbohydrates in but i dont know if just drinking that will give me sufficient amount od carbohydrates for the day?

06-23-2010, 04:16 AM
One thing to consider is that the no/minimal carb diet may not be for you. I won't get into the debate of the merits of low carb vs. normal carb diets, because people have had great success with both. Personally, I enjoy carbs too much to eliminate them, and thus far I haven't had the need. I wouldn't start my day without my old fashioned oats. You can most definitely lose weight while including carbs in your diet. Here's what I do:

Body Weight: 235 lbs
Total Cals: 1900-2000
Protein: 1g/lb lean body mass (Usually get a bit more 200g-ish)
Fats: .25 time body weight approx (Usually do 50-70g)
Carbs: To fill up the rest of the calories

For me, this diet combined with working out is giving me steady results (2-2.5 lbs/week) and I rarely feel drained. Perhaps consider trying something on these lines to see if it helps you feel better and avoid binging?