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06-21-2010, 01:40 AM
Hi all, as the title suggests im cutting at the moment. Current stats are 6ft tall and weight 89kg (196lb) BF% id put at around 20%. Training wise i am doing cardio 6 days a week with weights also on 3 of these days. I am training more for fitness as i am in the police academy and have certain fitness requirements i need to improve on but im doing weights also to assist in keeping the muscle i got from doing SS. Each gym visit im burning about 700-1000cal (according to my HR monitor). So my training is pretty intense and obviously need to fuel it. This is the diet i have put together.

Poached eggs x2- 12.6p/10f/0.8c 146cal
rolled oats 30g- 3.2p/2.6f/18.3c 115cal
1 banana- 18.5c 72 cal
Flax seed 20g- 7.2p/2.4f/1.6carb 66cal

Meal total: 23p/15f/39.2c 399 cal

pro shake- 24p/1f/3c 120cal

168 g tuna- 41.7p/0.6f/0.6c 177cal
Nat PB 25g- 7.1p/12f/2.8c 150cal

Meal total: 48.8p/12.6f/3.4c 327 cal

SNACK 2 pre w/o
pro shake- 24p/1f/3c 120cal
1 banana- 18.5c 72 cal

Meal total:24p/1f/21.5c 192cal

SNACK 3 post w/o
pro shake- 24p/1f/3c 120cal

250g chicken breast- 67p/33.72f/0c 593cal
Vegies- not too sure on cal but wont be too much

meal total: 67p/33.72f/0c 593cal

SNACK 4 Pre bed
100g lite cottage cheese- 10p/2.2f/6.1c 85cal
Nat PB 25g- 7.1p/12f/2.8c 150cal

Meal total: 17.1p/14.2f/8.9c 235cal

Total for day: 227.9p/ 78.52f/ 79c 1986cal

What im after from whoever wants to help is some advice as to if im getting everything i need to assist with training and also lose the fat i have. I worked out my base metabolic maintenance cals to be 1900 (this is not factoring in any cals i burn through my training).

Any help would be much appreciated.

06-21-2010, 02:57 AM
Looks good brother, maybe add some more fat to snack 1. Depends if you feel hungry or not. If you make it to bed without being hungry then all good!

06-21-2010, 03:05 AM
Thanks for the feedback. Was thinking the same. Might add some more flaxseed in the oats or just some pb. Was also thinking of perhaps ditching the post workout shake as ill most likely be eating dinner 30mins-an hour after workout. Would this be worth it to cut an extra 120cal or is it more beneficial to have the protein straight after the workout?