View Full Version : What amount do i need to eat?!!? Help....

06-16-2010, 05:29 PM
Hi Guys

Iv just started working out.. Im male, 25yrs old 5ft 5inch, weigh 148lbs (67.5kg) 19% of which is body fat..

My goal is gain lean muscle all around, decrease my body fat to around 10% and live healthy basically.. I train 5 days a week:

Monday- Jog/Run for around 15-20mins (Hit Cardio) Chest-Triceps
Tuesday- Bike 15-20 (Hit cardio)
Wed- Cardio day and abs- 30-45 mins of pure cardio
Thurs- Cardio 20-30 and shoulders
Friday- Cardio 15-20 and Legs

I wake up every morning 9am-11am have bowl of ready brek (oats complex carbs) fruit and protein shake (Mri Pro Nos 100% Protein)

Pre workout(2-4hrs b4 workout)- tuna,pasta, sweetcorn and cheese....30 mins b4 workout- have some form of simple carbs... straight after 1hrish workout i have my protein shake.

Post workout meal (30-90mins after workout)- Usually chicken and rice, or fish and rice..

couple hrs before bed i my make a fish sandwich, egg sandwich with glass of milk

throughout the day obviously drinking tons of water... My days off i rest and dont change much, maybe more protein instead of carbs.

My question is THIS OKAY? HOW DO I WORKOUT MY CALORIE INTAKE AND HOW MANY CALORIES SHOULD I BE TAKING IN ACCORDING TO MY WEIGHT, THE SAME WITH MY PROTEIN INTAKE..... ALSO WHAT IS THE BEST FORM OF COMPLEX CARB, IV HEARD PASTA IS THE BEST?! i understand nutrition is 90% of it and im not sure if the amount im eating or what im eating is the best thing to help me achieve my goals.. The last thing i want is to bloat up because my calorie intake is too high!

How do i keep track of it?!

I would appreciate anybody who can shed some light on this for me :)

Many thanks