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05-27-2010, 03:23 PM
So my personal situation is for the past 10 years, despite all sorts of different diets/exercise techniques, I just have a stubborn 1/2 inch of fat (possibly some water too) over my abs that hides their definition. I'm wondering if one of those ab sweat belts could do any good? I'm sure most people would say no, however I have a couple theories why they might possibly help a little.

1. Consider people who have muffin tops, or even men/women who have slight traces of one. You notice that pretty much everyone is a bit skinnier around where their belt goes, than they are right above it. Its almost like having pants or a belt squeezing right there most of the day discourages the fat from storing in that particular area. Well perhaps wearing a rubber sweat belt nice and tight around your stomach, the constant compressive force might possibly squeeze the fat out of those areas over time, or at the very least cause whatever new fat your body wants to deposit, to be deposited in other areas instead of the stomach. Basically assisting in spot treatment of the abs. Think this is plausible, or a bunch of boloney?

2. Is it possible that wearing a tight sweat belt over the abs while exercising (especially doing abs), could help the body burn slightly more fat from that area. My thinking is if you are doing ab exercises working up some heat in that area, and your sweat belt is trapping it all in, that all the fat in that area is getting a bit pre-heated, and your body might choose to burn it rather than the cooler fat that is elsewhere on your body. Obviously this might be ridiculous, as I don't know if body heat has anything to do with metabolism, but that's why I'm asking on here, hopefully someone knows better than I do. Is this plausible or boloney.

3. The final part of my question. We do know that ab belts are capable of helping you temporarily sweat some water weight off the abs, but how much water weight is really contained in the ab area? Me for example, I have about 1/2 inch over my abs, how much of that is likely to be actual fat, and how much is likely to be actual water weight that could potentially be sweated out temporarily? Half of it, a quarter of it, etc? And how long does it stay off? Like 1 hour, half day, full day, etc?


05-27-2010, 04:00 PM
Jesus, people will look to any excuse/shortcut to cutting.