View Full Version : When is an NFL or NCAA QB gonna test positive for steroids?

04-23-2010, 10:51 PM
Just something i wanted to get your opinion on since we've heard about it in the MLB with pitchers obviously benefitting from it and being able to add MPH to their pitches.

Yet I have never heard of any QB in college or the NFL getting caught on the sauce. I would assume that a guy like colt mccoy would benefit pretty well and be able to put some more zip on his throws and sh!t. Why do/did MLB pitchers risk it but not QB's?

obviously the risk is huge since a starting QB is the face of the franchise so it would probably be stupid as fuk to do it but i havent even heard of backup QB's trying it out. how often do they test nfl players for PED's?

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Pitchers use steroids for recovery.