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CBS-Turner reach to broadcast NCAA tournament
Posted on: April 22, 2010 11:44 am
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The NCAA unanimously passed a recommendation to the Division I Board of Directors to increase the NCAA tournament to 68 teams late Wednesday, and on Thursday reached a new agreement that will allow CBS and Turner, as partners, to broadcast the event starting next season.

The agreement is for 14 years and $10.8 billion.

“This is an important day for intercollegiate athletics and the 400,000 student-athletes who compete in NCAA sports,” said NCAA interim president Jim Isch. “This agreement will provide on average more than $740 million annually to our conferences and member schools to help student-athletes in 23 sports learn and compete.”

The new agreement calls for opening-round games, first-round games and second-round games to be shown nationally on CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. CBS and Turner will split coverage of the regional semifinal games. CBS will handle coverage of the regional finals and the Final Four, including the national championship game, through 2015. Beginning in 2016, coverage of the regional finals will be split by CBS and Turner with the Final Four and the national championship game alternating every year between CBS and TBS.

NCAA senior vice president Greg Shaheen said it remains unclear how a 68-team bracket will look.

He added it should be determined by "mid-summer."

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