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04-08-2010, 08:59 PM
Note: base these off real life encounters and not from this forum, and this is mostly for interest, not trying to categorize ALL christians etc, I just want to see what people have experienced. Remember this is through your eyes.


Very devout


Very friendly and inviting


Hard workers


Extremely calm and peaceful

I've noticed 3 cases of christians

1. Youtube "God Warrior" and watch all of it. These people are generally very hypocritical, they preach tolerance, peace, and acceptance-yet they expell every view other than their own for no reason. (10% of christians I've observed are this)

2. Academic christians: intelligent people, they tend to actually embrace the teachings of Jesus more, but imo they abandon their intellect when dealing with topics like the bible and faith. (10% of christians I've observed are this)

3. Last but not least, those who call themselves christians but live their lives EXACTLY as everyone else. They really don't take anything in their religion seriously yet still call themselves christians. (80%)

Crazy friendly


04-08-2010, 09:28 PM
Alright, but I'll only comment on people I know in person as well, the internet sucks as a medium for geting personality across.

Muslims: None of them are really muslims. If you ask they are actually all atheists. Going to mosque is used for establishing business contacts. (Serious. I work with scientists so that's probably a bit skewed.)

Jews: I only know three in person. One is my lawyer who never mentions religion. One is a friend of mine who's a rabi, very laid back guy. And then there is my one gf's dad who's rich as hell and likes to play cowboy at his "ranch." Thanks for giving your daughter that trust fund. Can't really draw a conclusion there.

Buddhist: Crap, like half my family. I'm not going to comment on the ones I'm related to because there are some odd genes floating around there. The rest are okay. Very odd sense of humor that most people don't seem to get.

Christians: The default religion of people around here. This means that most are idiots and don't even know the first d*mn thing about their own religion. Probably the major factor here isn't that cristians are stupid, just that its the default for people here who are idiots as its the dominant religion. Just go with flow and don't question.