View Full Version : 11 Weeks Until Triathlon - Ab Plan

03-28-2010, 02:52 PM
Alright, ladies and gents. I have 11 weeks until my second Olympic-length triathlon. I am able to do the lengths called for, no problem. However, I am having a little bit of trouble when it comes to things like my ab workout.

Now, it would be nice to hit a gym and do all those great workouts that you find on machines or with weights, but unfortunately (or very fortunately), I will be graduating from college in about 5 weeks and will not have access to a gym at all in that time, so I am looking for more towards pure body exercises.

What would you guys recommend as a really good ab plan for those who have to do these three types of sports without access to a gym? I am probably asking something that has already been inquired, but perhaps workouts that I can do while I am swimming, biking, or running would be interesting to find out about. :)