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03-25-2010, 04:00 PM
To be honest, I entered this competition as a springboard to get into a more serious workout plan. I had been working out for about 1 year before this sort of steady but still trying to find the right combination of exercises not really trying too hard. When I decided to enter this competition, I though that it would be a good start as to level up my workout. So, I entered the competition and was ready to get started. I had a more specific idea of what I was going to do this time and being in the competition seemed to motivate me to new heights as well.

During the early weeks of taking NO-Beta/Creadyl, I experienced a nice boost in my workout and pumps. The supplements were great and I was enjoying working out and feeling the pumps. I discovered (what seems to be with any supp these days) that I went through the Creadyl pretty fast and was starting to run out of it. I backed myself off to using 1 scoop at times just so I could make it through the 10 weeks. I was still getting the pumps and my core was becoming tight, even with just 1 scoop of Creadyl. I figured it was a pretty good supp if I was still getting results.

As I got to the mid weeks, the boost from the NO-Beta started to get less and less. I eventually had to up the dose I was taking to about 8-10 pills depending on the day. However, once I did up the dose the boost came back and stayed. It seemed that my body was not getting a tolerance for the supp, which was awesome. The dose was ok and I was able to get a bottle of 360 pills that lasted through the entire 10 weeks even with the increase in dosage. I must say that whatever research Double-T did for this supp seems to have worked

Through the competition there were times where I did injure myself and it was hard to do cardio. While taking these products, I was still able to make great gains and/or lose fat regardless of the cardio. It is true that increasing the cardio would help better but as long as I was weight training, it seemed to still be working. I could feel the pumps, considering that I like to work my legs, at times they felt like walking around with tree trunks.

All in all, I would definitely recommend these supplements to anyone working out or needing a jump-start to get the training process going. Usually when you are on a supplement, after awhile your body starts to build up a tolerance for the supp and it loses its potency. While on these, the potency seems to last you just have to tweak the doses to get it right. I'm going to get some GlutaCene and TestX6 and try those out. Good stuff Double-T, keep up the good work.

03-25-2010, 05:05 PM
Nice review, man. Glad the products worked so good for you! Good luck in this contest and in your future!