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03-03-2010, 02:15 PM
"Listen to the LYRIC:

We are the ones prophesized to return
My main concern is for all of you to learn...how to live
Yes, through the lyrics I give
And send, my friend
This Age is coming to an END

Not the world but the Age is ending
Ending..listen to the astrological message Iím sendin...I'm sendin

Truth is truth whether or not you like me.
We are living now in the age of pieces
But pieces is ova at the year 2000+

When the son of god
Changes his house and
Enters the age of Aquarius

When you think of Jesus think of the sun
The Flaming sun, that's where they stole this concept from,
Stop believing and read your bible logically
The New Testament is really old astrology

Jesus is the son of God--No Lie
But they might be talking about the sun up in the sky
The Sun: it hangs on the cross of the Zodiac
The Zodiac with 12 signs to be exact.

Each sign is a house, and you should keep in mind
Each house equals a period of time
The time: 2000 years and thats a fact
It's called an AGE or a House of the Zodiac

The 12 Disciples are 12 months of reason
The 4 gospels represent the 4 seasons
When Jesus spent the multitude with two fishes
It signified the age of Pieces-- Not fish on dishes!

If ya read the bible astrologically, it's clearer
The next age will be the age of the Water Bearer
It's called the Age of Aquarius:
When logic and TRUTH will take care of us

So in this age, of spiritual dignity,
you'll see a rise in femininity, and creativity
matched with masculinity
you got to get with me

This is your true heard story..."

KRS-One: 4th Quarter - Free Throws

I found this to be pretty hard hitting. I had already been researching this topic after having seen the critically acclaimed "Zeitgeist" movie. While I can't jump on board with the whole 9/11 stuff and everything else that conspiracy theory movie has to offer, it was rather upsetting to discover Jesus wasn't the only religious superstar to be the son of god, have 12 disciples, die, and rise from the grave. It's "happened" hundreds of times all over the world in all different cultures. The death and rising is related to the death not of The Son but The SUN. Day and Night.

Good and Evil.
Light vs. Dark.


03-03-2010, 02:50 PM
thoughts? seems minfking. but im always cautious with things like these because they're usually manipulated to seem real or the truth. sounds good though...