View Full Version : Cardio structure advice

ed cottrell
03-02-2010, 06:35 AM
In the next week or so I'll be embarking on attempting to loss 10lb. over the coarse of approximately 2.5 months (going from 162 t0 152). I will be using low intensity cardio to create my caloric deficit. It will translate to about 8 hours of total cardio per week. Last year I did something similar., loosing about 10lbs., but in the end was not happy with the % loss ( about 50/50, fat/lean mass). I did continue lifting while loosing the weight ,but in hind sight I'm pretty sure the % was only 50/50 due to the volume of cardio. So, I'd like to ask the question in a specific way: If you HAD to do approx. 8 hrs. of cardio per week while still lifting 3x per week, would it be preferable to include 1hr. each day including the lifting days, or would it help in perserving lean mass to do 2 hrs. 4 days per week on non lifting days and give the body a better chance to respond to the weight training ?