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02-06-2010, 07:40 AM
Hi, I recently started trying to get ready for summer by losing some fat around my gut. I'm a male 32 y/o 5'7 190lbs. I started working out about a month or so ago and around that time i was 200lbs, so i've already lost 10lbs. I use livestrong to monitor my intake and calorie goals. I have a lot of questions so i'll try to be structured.

First there is information overload on the computer regarding workouts/eating plans calorie intake, what sources of caloires the proper percentages of calories HIIT in the am or pm etc.

Livestrong calculated my goals to lose 2lbs per week to consume 1359 calories each day. I usually consume more because it deducts for calories burned at the gym and through cardio. I eat 5-6 small meals per day and drink water consistantly. Up until today I would go in the afternoon to the gym weight train, then do an hr of cardio. Then some nights i would go back for kickboxing or other classes.

However that said after I snack or eat a 400 calorie meal its usually way less than 2hrs that i'm hungry again. I have also upped my fruit and vegestable contant, and pretty much eliminated white rice and processed carbs. I pretty much eat boneless chicken or pork for m protein and brussel sprouts or a different type of vegstable for dinner and yogurt and fruit for snacks.

I also find at night because i consume so much water i wake up a lot to have to go to the bathroom. and I stop eating for 3 hrs before i go to bed and im usually laying in bed with my stomach growling as i go to sleep. I think that's bad b/c its supposed to slow your metabolism down. Any advice on what I should be eating or help with anything. Oh also i did HIIT today for 30 min's of running before breakfast and plan on going back to the gym later on today to do my weight training, is it ok to do cardio after i do weight training not HIIT just regular stairclimbing?

Any help would be awesome.

02-06-2010, 12:08 PM
30 minutes of HIIT? You're either mad, or not doing HIIT. Most people are wiped out by ten minutes.

1359 calories for someone of you size is incredibly low, even if you were sitting in front of the tv all day. With the sort of workouts you are doing, I'm not surprised you are hungry. 10 cals per pound is a pretty severe cutting level for anyone who is active, and 11 cals per pound works well too.

Bring your calories up to the point where you feel peckish between meals, but not starving, and definitely not where you are being kept awake by hunger. Cottage cheese is good for supper, it's slow digesting, so you should feel fuller for longer. As soon as you are not hungry, stop eating.

Cardio after lifting is fine.