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01-31-2010, 01:18 PM
i decided to try a cutting phase im about 7 weeks in... i cut carbs increased protein intake and fat intake. I also am trying a thermogenic. I have a couple of questions and wanting some critique...

I am currently taking in about 2200-2500 calories with a ratio of 50protein/20carbs/30fats
i weight 239 currently and started around 243.

My carb intake is around 140g daily and i cut to about 60g on non training days but i do load up with 30g of carbs before weight training and 30g post workout

-Type of foods i eat tilapia, chicken breast, shrimp, and turkey.
-My carb sources are broccoli, oatmeal, wheat bread, the perfect carb supplment for post workout.
-Fat sources, peanut butter crunchy style and almonds

I eat every 2-3 hrs and do cardio 4days a weeks for 45mins sessions with 2 sets of abs

the current training program im on is HST my first cycle. I train MWF and Cardio T,R,S,S

My question is, is my carb intake to low? Am i doing this completely wrong?

Some critique to this would be appreciated thanks