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01-26-2010, 05:46 AM
I'm trying to get from 240 to around 215 quickly, I've done it once before but it wasn't the most healthy way, I made it to 220, and then sweat the last 5lbs out to make weight. I only swelled back to 220 after rehydrating and eating well... and by well i mean bad haha...

I do MMA and im at the gym everyday, My diet needs a ton of help manily because I don't really have one in the first place, I know the stuff I should be eating but can't get to eating it i guess.

My goal is to fight by atleast April at 205lbs and to keep my walk around weigh at 215-220lbs.

01-26-2010, 05:51 AM
Get the diet in check. You can still eat whatever you want just make the portions smaller. Start with that and after awhile change it up to be healthier meals. That's how I started out with my diet as to not be a shock on the system.

Count the calories and ask yourself if you REALLY need the super sized fries and drink for an extra 800 calories.

01-26-2010, 05:57 AM
I'd start around 2400 cals/day at your size/activity level and drop 100 cals per 10lbs lost. If you feel you're just bloating, reduce sodium intake. Stock up on a good amount of salt-free substitutes such as Mrs. Dash seasonings & potassium chloride salts. A high potassium intake will help push water out of the system as well as have great CV benefits. So avoid things naturally high in salt like most frozen/prepackaged meals, breads, cheeses, seasonings/marinades. You can lean out within a week of dropping your sodium intake and significantly increasing potassium. I eat on average 3 bananas/day as well as mrs. dash/salt substitute the f!ck out of my 6 servings of vegetables/day.

I'd shoot for that cal range eating 5-6 400-500 cals meals/day...I'd go this for each meal:

1 serving whole grains - 120-200 cals
1 serving lean protein - 100-120 cals
1 serving fruit or veggie - 20-100 cals
1/2 serving healthy fat - 65-100 cals

Mix and match, don't get monotonous or boring with the meals. Have fun and be flexible. Don't keep junk around the house and try not to eat out. Snacks are a bad influence, I keep the house pretty empty as far as foods to eat and of what I have to eat, it takes a good bit of time to prepare, so I can't just walk into the kitchen, snack on some oreos and bolt. Rather I can eat some carrots or spend an hour making a chicken meal. Either way I can't fail too bad.