View Full Version : had surgery done on my chest.

01-23-2010, 07:11 AM
i have a case of gynocomastia. i am 18 years old, 5"9 165 pounds. (15% bodyfat) i wouldnt consider myself overweight but i did have a weird looking chest. my nipples would point because of glandular tissue behind it and i had alot of fat there. the doctor wouldnt remove the glandular tissue because he said it may look way worse from scarring and it could cave my nipple in. so i just got the fat removed through liposuction on thrusday. he removed about 1lb of fat. 1/2 pounds on each side. right now it is swollen and i have a compression vest on so i cant see it. but do you think it will look alot better after all that fat was removed?