View Full Version : Pick me a supplement!!

01-21-2010, 11:48 AM
Need help picking a good supplement or the best way to take all my supplements.
I am debating between bulk Beta alanine + creatine
An all in one supplement for recovery and muscle building (such as CLOUT, Xtend, Size-on)

I want to try to get BA and creatine in the supplement as I've read good things.

Right now I am on CLOUT but only been about 6 days so nothing to really say about results except that stomach problems haven't been bad at all (usually bulk creatine doesn't sit to well with me).

Should I suck it up and do bulk route? or are the "pre-mixed" recovery/muscle building getting to be just as good + extras they have in there?

Other supplements I take are:
Plenty of protein to fit my diet (shakes and whole food)
Fish oil
Bio Beads
CLOUT currently (but am looking for something better to substitute now or switch to after I'm through it)