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01-07-2010, 12:54 AM
yeah, I made it. You can't post up your ideas until your team is done

my team is done *mutter* so I'll start things off with my eval of the Steelers

01-07-2010, 12:55 AM
brb in a month

01-07-2010, 01:06 AM

defense was atrocious. didnt even show up the last 2 weeks of the season giving up 85 points. i wouldve said C+ if the offense would have atleast shown up the last two weeks considering they actually did well for the most part of the season, but they scored a combined 16 points over the last two games.

Offensive coordinator cant call games right, and defensive coordinator cant rally his men on the field.

Defensive backs got injured, and the back ups got exposed. Coughlin talked about having 10 legit down linemen before the season started...and injuries exposed the shiit out of the secondary and knocked up the line.

Jacobs has been exposed as a pussy without Ward running the ball. He goes down if you cough on him. For as big and as strong as the motherfck is, he cant stay on his feet for shiit. And the O-line just collapsed this year.

Only bright spots was Eli throwing for 4k, bradshaw showing his abilities, steve smith out performing steve smith, and the young receivers showing that theyre going to have a huge upside.

01-07-2010, 01:17 AM

QB: Foricer did well at the beginning of the year but he steadily declined as the season progress. I fully expect him to perform at a much higher level next season and his junior year before Devin Gardner comes in and replaces him

RB: Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown played well when they werent injured which was about 50% of the time. They move on as seniors but UM has a stable of backs in Vincent Smith, Michael Shaw, Michael Cox, and Fitz Tuissant

WR: Hemingway played well when he wasnt injured, Mathews didnt have the season I expected from him as a senior, Odoms went stretches where he wasnt even involved in the offense, Stonum played well and he is an electrifying return man (not on Breastons level yet though)

OL: David Molk (center) was battling injuries all season and Moosman had to move over from guard to take his place and did an OK job, nothing spectacular. Schilling played well

Offense: B-

D-Line: Brandon Graham. nuff said. the best DE in CFB by far. Van Bergen on the other side played as well as he could, but is no starting material IMO. Mike Martin is a beast in the middle and should continue to develop into an Big 10 selection

LBs: Ezeh and Mouton are lazy bums who dont deserve their scholarships. Stevie Brown made the transition from safety to LB and did a helluva job this season. Craig Roh aka Death Roh (true freshman) has the potential to be a great one if he puts on some weight. He will someday be a force to be reckoned with in the Big 10 as an OLB/DE

DBs: Donovan Warren was our only bright spot. Cissoko, the #2 corner got burned repeatedly against ND and Indiana and was dismissed from the team. Jordan Kovacs, a student body walk on, filled in admirably at safety and played his heart out on every snap but just doesnt have the speed to be starting in the Big 10 but he is a sure tackler. Much props to him. Woolfolk, a converted CB to safety is a possible bright spot for the future. The DBs on this team were a major liability and were mostly responsible for the worst defensive ive ever seen at UM

Defense: C-

K: Olesnavage, a walk on himself, did well this season. Didnt really hurt our team in any games and was dependable for the most part

P: Zoltan 4 Heisman. One of the Ray Guy finalists and he has a boot for a leg

01-07-2010, 01:28 AM
Overall grade: C-

we had injuries to key defensive personnel, but we sputtered away on special teams and our offensive coordinator took one of the most talented offenses and really **** the bed. We produced great against great teams and horribly against horrible teams. Go figure. The mark of a champion is the ability to beat the teams you SHOULD beat. We didn't. We deserve to be sitting on the couch this year watching the playoffs.

QB: Ben = B+

He has his warts, but he gets it done. His OL is terrible, and he has more balls than brains, and he managed to set records despite spending most of his time running around like mad trying to avoid the rush. The best thing that can happen is for his buddy Bruce Arians to get fired, so the offense can make some sense, and he'll have someone that will point out what Ben needs to do:

1) Hit the checkdown more often - Mendy is a true talent
2) Study film more with his receivers so they are on the same page with hot reads
3) Get in decent physical condition. Fat isn't padding that protects him, it simply slows him down. He is still "escapable", he's just slower and fatter now. That needs to change in order for him to get to the next level

I like Dixon as a backup, I like Batch as a 3rd QB and a mentor

RB: A-
Mendy is a franchise RB who is good in all situations, and can be very good to great based on how the offense uses him. He is a larger, more powerful, faster Ray Rice with an idiot as an OC. Rice benefits from having the RB's answer to Mike Martz as his OC. He has no real holes in his game. He needs to touch the ball at least 20-25 times each game, with at least half a dozen of those touches coming through the air

Willie, if he takes a nice pay cut, should stay. He is a good 5-8 carries/game guy. Moore is a good backup guy, but that's all he is, a backup. If Mendy and FWP are healthy, Moore keeps the bench warm, unless the game is a blowout.

WR: B+
Santonio developed into a "2nd tier elite" WR. Outside of the obvious big boys, there isn't a WR in the NFL I'd take over Tone. The offense SPECIFICALLY is designed to get Hines Ward open, and force Santonio into the toughest situations (double coverage), yet he excelled. If anyone wonders how good he is, ask Cortland Finnegan, Champ Bailey and Nnamdi Asomugha. 23 catches, 373 yards, 2 TDs, in the only 3 games he was single covered. Teams figured their #1 could cover him, and they found out the hard way they couldn't.
Hines is still a warrior, but he's slow. He needs to be moved into the 3rd WR/slot position, let him do his Wes Welker thing, and let him block. Mike Wallace is a stud in the making. I'd offer Ben a $5,000 reward for everytime he overthrew Wallace deep. Ben won't get the $$$, he can't overthrow Wallace, kid is too damn fast.
Steelers need to let Limas Sweed play EVERY single snap of EVERY preseason game next season. Let him play through his drops. Sweed's drops aren't any more frequent than many other established WRs, and Plaxico Burress went through the exact same crap his first few seasons. Let him develop some confidence and not have to worry about getting yanked for making a mistake that all of our WRs made this season.

TE: C+
Heath is a good possession guy but doesn't stretch the field at all, and is easily covered by quick linebackers or reasonably solid safeties. He's not a good blocker anymore. spaeth is useless in the passing game, he's useless in the running game. He is a purely wasted roster space. David Johnson can block, but I like him more at FB to be honest.

OL: D+
Starks was good against good guys, terrible against average guys, and against speedy edge rushers, he was outright pitiful. Frighteningly, he is our best OL, and it's not even close. Colon is ok on run blocking, but is slow, fast, and stupid. he also takes a ridiculous # of penalties for a guy who has been starting so long. Of course, that says something about the Steelers OL...that a putz like Colon has been starting so long.
Essex and Hartwig are not NFL talents. Kemo is fat, slow and stupid, but when he pulls, he annihilates everything. he is far too much of a liability in pass protection.
the draft is stocked with solid talent on the OL. Draft a good OT, let him play RT in place of Colon, then slide him to LT in a few years. Legursky can snap and he can't be any worse than Hartwig. At least he won't get blown off the line. Ramon Foster looked decent at LG, move Kemo to RG where he can be a run blocker like he's supposed to be. Starks can stay at LT until the rookie we draft is good enough to take his place. This is an area we need to get TRUE talent, not 3rd-7th round talent.

DL: A-
despite Aaron Smith missing the season, our DL played decently. Hampton needs to be franchised, he CANNOT be offered a contract. If he signs for anything more than 2 years, he will balloon up to 417 pounds in the offseason. ziggy Hood is the future at RDE. He needs to be playing, and NOW. Eason can back up Aaron Smith and wave him to keep him fresh, and Keisel can do the same for Ziggy. We really need to get younger here. This is a probable 2nd or 3rd rounder

would've been an A+ if Harrison would've been healthy all season. Lamarr Woodley is the motherfukcing truth. LeBeau needs to let these guys rush the passer more often, and for chrissakes move them around. We DESPERATELY need to get someone to back these guys up though, especially harrison. The guy can't play special teams AND LOLB all season, and not miss a damn snap without getting tired or injured. It's just not possible the way he plays the game.

Timmons was overdrafted, period. He was not a 1st round quality player, he was a reach. He is an "either/or" guy. "Either" he makes a splash play "or" he looks lost. He is fast, he is aggressive, but he is soft and he is not that strong. He needs to spend the majority of his time in coverage or blitzing. Move Keyaron Fox to Timmons' position, move Timmons to Farrior's position, and keep Farrior on the bench. He hasn't lost a step, he has lost 3 or 4.

Safety: A- (with), F (without)
the "with/without" is obviously Troy. Clark and Ty Carter both are good hammers when their only responsibility is "hit anything that moves, and do what Troy tells us to do". When Troy is in, Clark looks great, and Carter, when he's played for Clark, has won DPOW each of the last 2 times he's played next to Troy. When Troy is out, it becomes painfully apparent that neither Clark and ESPECIALLY Carter lack the requisite speed and athletic ability to start in the NFL. I don't see a safety falling to us that will be enough of a difference maker. We need a guyw ith ball skills. I break the piggy bank open and go after Oshi Atogwe if he's available. No idea what we have in Ryan Mundy, although what we have seen has been ass-ugly.

Cornerback: B (with), F (without)
yes, Troy plays safety, but he is the "QB" of the entire defensive backfield. The defense's talent and scheme are based upon what Troy does and allows Ike Taylor to do. Ike is a good 2nd CB. Great athlete, not such a good fotoball player, terrible hands. Troy has the hands. William Gay regressed so badly that it became very apparent he is not the NFL talent we thought he was. DeShea Townsend is slower than me (srs). Smart guy, but his best years are long gone. No idea what we have in Burnett or Lewis, but apparently they didn't impress the former defensive backs that coach the Steelers (Tomlin and LeBeau). I think there are some very good 2nd round talents out there. I could see us snatching up a guy with some good hands.

Special Teams: D+
They increased from an F once 3 things happened:
1) James Harrison was put back on kick coverage - dude is an animal
2) We got back our gunner
3) The team started to block for Stefan Logan

we desperately need to get a kickoff specialist. Reed is money from about 48 and closer, but I think my 14-year old daughter can kick further. He was like 37th in the NFL in touchbacks on kickoffs.

yes, 37th.

Sepulveda was grossly overdrafted, but he is very good at what he does, and he is a vicious tackler. It's nice having an extra LB on the field during punt coverage. :)


LeBeau (DC): C-
yes, he had injuries, but he failed to acknowledge the excessive dependence this defensive scheme has on Troy's health. He failed to adapt, and he failed to identify the lack of talent we had elsewhere. He gets a C- instead of a D- because of the injuries. He needs to move Harrison around to take advantage of better matchups

Arians (OC): D
He puts up yards but sucks in the red zone. He stubbornly refuses to run the ball with any type of smarts, and he refuses to adjust his game plan when it becomes obvious the other team has planned perfectly for our offense. He gets outcoached almost every week. He has never been successful, and he never will be. Good bye.

Tomlin: C-

He failed to adjust early enough with special teams and failed to address the obvious with both Arians and LeBeau. Ultimately, he is response for the team. The team got the C-, so that's what Tomlin gets.

draft/FA next season

Round 1 needs to be best OL available. I don't give a **** who falls. There are only 3 or 4 true talents that would make me jump, and no chance any of them fall to us.
Round 2 needs to be defense. A CB or good safety with hands, or if there's a good OLB or NT available, grab that
Round 3 needs to be whatever we didn't get in round 2

We need to drop some $$ in FA. If Cribbs is really gone from Cleveland, there you go. If Atogwe is available, we pay the man as he is worth it.