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01-07-2010, 12:18 AM
"G"s are those dudes that have no fear, no matter if its a regular season game against the T-Wolves or a Game 7 in the Finals... true Gangstaz.. lets break it down...

MAGIC --- I have a feeling the Magic are really gonna miss Rafer Alston come playoff time.. he had that "G" effect and it spread throughout the team and he was a really big reason they made the Finals last year. Cmon now, if you see your teammate punk the **** out of Eddie House, isnt that gonna pump you up?

Who else do the Magic have that is a known "G" ? ...Maybe Jameer, but he's still really young and has so much to grow before he attains "G" status. Does Vince still have it? I dont know...Dwight?.. not really. Also, their coach is a known ****** when it comes to big moments...that doesnt help either. MAGIC "G" GRADE --- C

CAVS --The Cavs have Lebron and Shaq.. thats 2 giant "G"s... Dwest does his thing... everyone else is unproven. But 2 Giant "G"s might be enough in today's league. CAVS "G" Grade --- A-

SPURS -- The Spurs have Blair, Duncan, and Ginobili... 3 "G"s ready for anything and anyone. Can they stay healthy enough to retain their "G" status is the big question. SPURS "G" Grade -- B+

LAKERS -- Lakers have the biggest "G" of this generation, Kobe Bryant.. they also have Ron Artest and Lamar Odom.. you might doubt Odom, but his intensity and ability to stand up to villains (confrontations with Lebron/KG/Pierce/etc) defintely makes him a certified "G"... LAKERS "G" Grade --- A

CELTICS -- The Celtics are blessed when it comes to "G"s... KG, Pierce, Perkins, Rondo, House, Scalabr....jk... but the Celtics have 5 borderline thugs who have no fear. Perkins never smiles, Rondo almost fought Kobe, KG is KG, Pierce is Pierce.. this is a team that will not backdown from anybody and if you plan on beating this team when theyre 100% healthy, good luck. It can be done, but youre gonna come out bleeding with bones broken. CELTICS "G" Grade --- A+

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