View Full Version : bulk plan

12-15-2009, 04:29 PM
08.00 100g oats + 50g proteinshake + EFA + multivitamin + creatine
12.00 100g carbs + 50g protein
14.30 NO-Xplode + energy drink
17.00 50g carbshake + 50g proteinshake + 1 paprika + creatine
20.00 100g rice + 2 chickenbreasts/seafood
23.00 4 egg scrambled eggs + 50g rice/oats + 1can of tuna and some broccoli + creatine

This is the first time i plan to go all out on a diet for 3 months(hopefully forever, but this is a start atleast). Macros are 40/40/20, 3000kcal (maybe i need to up alittle, ill add a meal at around 10.00 if i have to).

I dont really know what to eat at the meals (10.00) and 12.00, but i do have a microwaver i can use at school, am i missing something essential? And should i use white rice or oats with my eggs before bedtime?