View Full Version : Aaron's rosstraining inf intensity log! time to train like a fighter!

12-13-2009, 12:51 AM
Hey guys.. i train mma. Have for a little while now.. and i got a upcoming fight in 4 months fighting int he 145 lb weight class. I weigh 175 so i gotta cut 15 pounds for the fight so i can cut to 145..

Im doing ross training infinite intensity to bring my conditioning/strength/cardio/endurance ect.. to a whole new level before my fight..

Today. The magic 50.

one arm dummbell snatch 55 pounds each arm 5 times
immediately go to 1 arm dumbbell swings 5 times each arm using the same weight.
and immediately to 10 burpees were u do a push up and jump high as u can in the air to make them harder. (its how u have to do them for the program)

u rest 30 seconds to a minute 30 seconds and repeat 4 more times.

This workout got my heart rate so high i thought my heart was gonna explode! and i can deffinately feel it working the energy systems needed for a fight.

in 4 months i know i will be on a whole nother level if i keep this up. (WHICH I WILLL!!!!)