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12-04-2009, 09:25 PM
I know you guys see these ssame posts all the time but I just need to know if I have the right outline for building muscle. I am currently 138 pounds 5'6 and work out 4 days of muscle with one day off. I do heavy lifting and a lot of walking at work, I work in the produce department, haha. I lift weights for an hour, then do about 30 min or cardio.
Meal one- 1/4c bran, 14 almonds, 1/3c oatmeal, 1/2 scoop whey, 1/3 c soya nuts
Meal two- 1/2 brown rice, basa fillet, allegro skim milk cheese, pineapple slice
Meal three- 1c broccoli, chicken breast, tbsp p.b
Meal four(pre-workout)- 1c soya nuts, apple
Meal five (post-workout)- Protien shake with skim milk, banana, 1c sweet potatoe,
Meal six- skinless chicken leg, 8 brussel sprouts, protien cookie
Meal seven- tuna with fat free mayo, cucumber slices
and sometimes I munch of various other veggies like carrots and such
What do you think of my diet, its 2300 cals, 240g protien, 230g carbs and about 40g fat. Is this ideal for muscle gains?
Any input would be much appreciated