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11-30-2009, 04:10 PM
Hi everyone,

I've decided to start a thread about my current cutting regime, which has been going on since Jun 2009. It all started as an experiment which I always wanted to conduct, but never had a will power and self discipline to fully go with it. I was always into working out, but my diet has never been completely clean especially while I was in the Uni. There fore, a mixture of junk food & alcohol at 3am left me with a beer belly, which wasn't huge by any means, but it was a beer belly never the less. So this year in Jun I've decided to go on a militant diet and workout plan. When I say militant, I mean militant!

The were a lot of challenges from the very start of my mission, one of which was getting used to doing cardio 3 times a week (right after weight lifting) and the other making sure I DO NOT cheat with food or alcohol at any point. The first proved to be more painful then second, but I knew it had to be done. So, what were my stats before all of this started?

Well here they are:

Height - 189cm
Weight - 93kg
Body Fat - 21%

Ok, so what was the aim of my challange you might ask? Well, in simple terms it was to get from 21% BF to 10% BF in a space of 1 year. This would imply that I still have until Jun 2010 to complete the challange, but where do I stand today with results?

Let's have a look:

Heigh - can you guess? :)
Weight - 86kg
Body Fat - 16%

As you can see from above, I've dropped from 21% BF to 16% BF in 6 months so far. I would say that's pretty good, although I do not some cases where people have done it much faster. Having said that, it's important to emphasise at this point that I DID NOT take any fat burners or anabolic substances of any sort. So what supplements did I take then and why?

1) Whey protein - essentially I was and still am taking whey protein 3 times a day (morning, 1 hour before gym, and straight after the gym) because while on a cutting diet I needed to make sure I retain all the muscle I can.

2) Glutamine - I know there are different schools of thought regarding this supplement, some say it's useless and others say it's essential. My take on it is that it def. helps me recover faster, and there fore I kept on taking it twice a day (20grams in total)

3) Super Greens - during this period I was taking multivitamins by various brands, and most certainly I'd say the best one I came across was NOW Adam. However, upon doing some additional research, I've decided to try out super greens, a class of superfoods which has high phytonutrient content. So far it's proven to be a great product, and unless it's a placebo effect, I feel much better since taking it (3 tea spoons / day)

4) Essential oils blend (Omega 3,6,9 + flexseed, sesamin) - 1 to 2 table spoons / day

5) Creatine - started taking it couple of days ago (still on a loading phase) just because I feel I reached a peek when it comes to weights and need little bit of a push.

Ok, now that you saw my supplements, what was my food intake like? At this point it is VERY IMPORTANT that I mention that I HAVE NOT HAD a single cheat meal or alcohol in 6 months. As I said, I tried to be really militant with all of this because it was the only way that I could stick with this plan. So going back to my food intake:

1) Breakfast - 60 gr of Oats + 4 egg whites + 5gr of creatine with orange juice(6:30 am)
2) Morning snack - Protein shake + 5 gr of super greens + 1 table spoon of essential oils + 5 gr of creatine + 5 gr of glutamine (10 am)
3) Lunch - 100 gr of brown rice + 100 gr of chicken breast or tuna + 40 grams of kidney beans + 20 gr of sweet peppers (12pm)
4) Mid day snack - 60 grams of nuts (almonds + walnuts) (14:00)
5) Pre workout - Protein shake + 5 gr of super greens + 5 gr of creatine + 5 gr of glutamine (17:30)
6) Post workout - Protein shake + 5 gr of super greens + 5 gr of creatine + 10 gr of glutamine
7) Dinner - green salad + 2 chicken breasts or large fish or a stake (only once a week) (21:00)

As for the liquid intake, I was an still am drinking around 4L of water a day + 300ml of skimmed milk with every protein protein.

I was starting to see good results about 3 monts from the start and it gave me a boost to continue. My workout plan was as such:

Monday: Back + Biceps + 20 min of running straight after
Tuesday : running 30 min + abs
Wednesday : rest
Thursday: Shoulders + 20 min or running straight after + abs
Friday: rest
Saturday: Chest + triceps
Sunday: rest

As you can see from above, i haven't included legs, simply because they are naturally strong and running alone tends to keep them in a good shape. Having said that, I will include them in my workouts once the whole process is complete (Jun 2010).

So far the whole plan is going great, although I did notice that I am not losing as much BF as before (i.e almost 1% every month). Not sure why this is the case, but I did hear from people it tends to get harder and harder once you start going lower and lower in BF.

Anyhow, for those of you who took time to read this post, thanks and hopefully you'll find useful. I would appreciate any comments or thoughts you guys might have with regards to my diet, workouts etc. It's always good to hear someone elses opinion on things :)