View Full Version : Detailed Cutting Diet...Post Dirrrrty Bulk

11-22-2009, 01:20 PM
Just finished a bulking cycle of the last little while.

I'm only 5'7" and went from 154lbs at about 10% bf up to about 177lbs and 13% bf. I was up around 185lbs at my highest point about a month ago but some outside factors have hurt my progress a little.

Anyway, after bulking for a while I am somewhat happy with my size gain...and its time to go back to the rigid dietary lifestyle that its gonna take me and my ****e body type to get sub 10% body fat once again.

Here's the plan:

Breakfast: 29 grams/protein --- 48.7 g/carbs --- 3.8 g/fat = 343 cal
300ml Oatmeal
1 banana
protein shake

Snack: 40.5 g/p --- 27.5 g/c --- 1.5 g/f = 85 cal
apple or orange
protein shake with 1/3 carton of simply egg whites

Lunch #1: 46 g/p --- 5 g/c --- 16 g/f = 360 cal
1/2 LB extra lean ground beef with salsa
***the ground beef may be a lot learner than 16 grams of fat, as my father's wife's parents own a farm and will be processing my meat for me. They ship us some extremely lean cuts that tend to be much better than anything you find at the store.

Lunch #2: 56.5 g/p ---22.4 g/c ---3 g/f = 342.5 cal
2 chicken breast
1/2 cup brown long-grain rice
2tbsps soya sauce

Post Workout / Snack: 48 g/p --- 10 g/c --- 3 g/f = 260 cal
2 scoop protein shake with chocolate milk

Dinner: 37 g/p ---5 c/g --- 1.5 g/f = 191 cal
1 Can of tuna with salsa


248.6 grams of protein
118.6 grams of carbs
40 grams of fat

1828 Calories per day

this is based on my current body weight of 177lbs. Given my RMR, which says I burn about 2800 calories per day at maintenance, I'm satisfied that this deficit will allow me some good fat loss while the heightened protein intake should preserve my muscle.

If i feel that I need more energy for my workouts i will more than likely pick up some NO Xplode...or just add some simple carbs pre-workout.

I'll also be taking caffeine and ephedrine for the first little while to curb my fatigue due to less calories and also raise my fat burning potential.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated and will be taken into consideration. all you bro-science lovers with nothing but negative **** to say just don't bother b/c i'm sure you don't know half of what ur talking about anyway.

Thanks guys!