View Full Version : Please tear apart my diet..Want advise/wise words from people.

11-11-2009, 11:44 PM
So this is my first post. I have been lifting since approx. march 2009, but I didnt get my diet/training routine down to what it "needs" to be untill about 2-4 months ago. I saw the importance of eating clean. Also, a side note, in the past 2 weeks, ive come to also see that in order for me to make the gains i want, im going to need to lift heavy 80% of the time, being in a rep range of 4-8 @ 3 sets. anyways, this is about nutrition, so here is my average day. I work nightshift(4pm-12:30/or 2:30am), so that may be why my eating schedule is a little different then if i worked dayshift.

I also hit the gym before work, so that also effects eating post workout and stuff ALOT. "1 protein shake" in my list will amount to "1 scoop=24g protein" by the way.


(Noon) Breakfast:3 eggs, 2 whole wheat toast slices w/ butter, AnimalPak vitamins

(1:30pm) On the way to gym:1 Protein Shake (ON 100% whey)

(Between 3:30-4:00pm) Leaving gym/driving to work: Peanut Butter sandwhich w/ good amount of PB, between 1/2-1 Protein Shake

(6:00pm) 15min Break @ work: whole wheat spagetti (about size of baseball-2 servings?)

(8:30pm) Lunch Break @ work: im going to be honest here, normally its either a turkey sandwhich w/ mustard, or a bowl of chicken noodle soup (50% less sodium), and about 1/2 a protein shake

(11:15pm) 15 min break @ work: Normally im eating either 1) 6oz Tuna fish w/ mayo, or 2) good amount of yougurt w/ granola that i mix in, and with either i finish the 1/2 protein shake thats left. thats a typical day

(1:00am) Home after work: Normally ill have something that my father cooked for dinner while I was at work, such as as im typing this, i just finished a bowl of chicken and dumplings. ill probulay be up till 3:00/3:00am, in which ill grab another little snack such as whole wheat crackers w/ cheese, or rice, or a banana or something like that. but for my example lets say...

(3:00am) Right before sleep: 1/2 cup rice, and 1 casein protein shake

So let me just say, I know I dont have vegtables often, so maybe some advise on what to eat for vegs/fruits, and i know my lunch choice sucks, but again maybe some advise from your guys/gals lives, and well yeah, critique everything else PLEASE.

its the only way im going to learn, eat better, and live healthier.

thanks in advance

11-12-2009, 12:28 PM
First few things I would change are sme more carbs after your workout and less fat. I like to blend up a shake the night before (I also lift before work as well) and freeze it overnight, and it's good to go when I am done within 30 mins of my workout. You might benefit also from more carbs pre workout, depending on the timing. In snacks throughout work I like to eat raw veggies, fruits, nuts...basically anything easy to eat I don't need to prepare, sliced peppers, baby carrots, celery sticks, apple, banana, almonds, walnuts, you get the picture. I would recommend getting a good book from a reputable author on sports nutrition, you will learn a ton trust me. I have 2 books by Susan Kleiner that have helped me. Hope this will help you