View Full Version : New to the game... Any Advice greatly appreciated

11-11-2009, 01:42 AM
I just started this bodybuilding diet and I was wondering if this course of nutrition and excersice would help me reach my goal to build muscle and lose bf

today's meal

breakfast: 9am
protein pancake
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 whole egg + 2 egg whites
multivitamin + fishoil

2 scoops iso mass with 2% milk

1 pm
cornflower tortilla with 1 can tuna and mixed vegetables with melted cottage cheese
snacked on almonds after

2 scoops iso mass with milk

5Pm preworkout and workout
3 scoops superpump 250
Monday-all arm group
Tuesday- rest
Friday- lower body
Saturday- heavy cardio
Sunday - light cardio
After workout- 2 scoops iso mass with milk

sirloin steak mixed with brownrice/ dellpepper/mushroom/ and a small toss salad

8 pm
munch on raw veggies cauliflowers brocoli green beans

11 pm before sleep
2 scoop iso mass with milk and I drink a gallon of water through out the day

every other day I change up Ma diet like raisin bran cereal and oats for breakfast, dark green salad with 4oz chicken breast with 2 slices roast beef and turkey bacon bits and tomatoe for lunch and various lean beef fish for dinner sometimes high in calorie and sometimes not.. I weigh 125 5"9 19 years old and I do not have a set weight goal because I know I'm taking in alot of calories ATM but I do hope with this setup I can see a drastic transformation overtime... I would like any advices or comments thank you for your time