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02-01-2002, 12:48 PM
Let me give you a little insight on my history... I started HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] a long time ago and it really works... So I know HIIT is tha best fat burning workout but... it's not enough... I am on the last 10 pounds (I've lost 1 or 2 in tha past two weeks) ... as of now this is my workout week scedule:
bicep, forearm workout [home gym]

Chest, Tricep workout [gym]
20 minute cardio (5 minutes on treadmil, 5 minutes on tha Bike, 5 minuites on elliptical, last 5 minutes on treadmill)

either shoulders or off[home gym]

upper back, traps, lower back [gym]
20 minute cardio {same as Thursday}

Shoulders or off (depends on Wednesday)[home]

If HIIT wasn't done on Friday, it is first thing Saturday morning
total legs, abs, & traps(if not during the week)[gym]

20 minute run first thing in the morning

It is really hard to get all this done while balancing school, & a part time job... I get it done... some other things... I don't drink anything but water, even my protein shakes are mixed in water... I have some juice in the morning and that is it... Low carb to no carbs... especially at night... I try to get as much rest as possible... I dunno what else to do... I don't have too much to lose but it is so hard to get this fat off...

One of my main questions is... is it alright to take my protein shake right after I workout and then do my cardio? Will I be burning just the protein when doing my cardio? But if I am on a low carb diet aren't I burning tha fat? Should I do my lifting then my cardio and then take in my protein shake? Any advice on any of this or any other kind of advice is greatly appreciated...