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10-26-2009, 07:29 PM

Is there anyone on this site that makes nutrition plans or that would be interested in giving me some advice? im trying to shed some body fat away but keep my muscle? i lift 5 days a week and was currently playing football but now am playing basketball in college and need to get rid of some useless fat. My stats are 6'2 190lbs and i think around 16 percent body fat. My goal would be to get to like 10-12 percent body fat.. any help would be great thanks!

10-26-2009, 07:53 PM
Dietary minimums
1. 1g/lb bodyweight in COMPLETE proteins (when other food sources are added you will probably end up with at least 1.5g/lb)
2. 0.4-0.5g/ lb bodyweight in fat (Focus on EFAs)
3. 6 servings of Veggies (Although there is no physiological need for carbohydrates, 6 servings of veggies is a good way to get at least a baseline level of micronutrients, vitamins, fiber, etc. through diet).
Fill out the rest of your caloric intake with additional carbs (and/or more fat and protein based on preference)
My general guide to sources
I. Lean Protein-1g/lb from complete proteins (minimum)
a. primary sources- chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, egg whites, egg beaters, chunk light tuna (water packed), whey, casein, cottage cheese
b. Secondary sources- lean beef, lean ham, salmon, lean ground meat, soy
II. Fats (.5g/lb minimum)
a. Visible Fats- Nut Butters, Nuts, flax, fish oil, olive oil, canola oil, dressings (without added sugar or hydrogenated oil), avocado, Promise butter spread
b. Limited sources- yolks, cheese, red meat
c. Low carb Foods (comprising at least half of fat intake)-Low carb baking mix, low carb (whole rain) pita/wraps, omega enriched products. (should be very high in fiber, low in sat. fat). Check nutrition labels (these should be nutrient dense not junk/empty calorie low quality foods)
d. Saturated Fat- Should comprise no more than ? of total fat intake (polyunsaturated should make up at least ?).
e. Trans Fat- Avoided
III. Carbohydrates
a. Primary- Fibrous Veggies- broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, greens, asparagus, green beans, peppers
b. Primary- Low fat dairy, fruit, whole grains (breads, oats, cereals etc.)
c. Secondary- Starchier carbs (potatoes, pasta, rice)
c. Avoided- Processed/refined sources, High, fructose corn syrup, sugar