View Full Version : Got a month to cut Nov. 1-Dec. 5

10-20-2009, 09:31 AM
Alright guys, here is the dealio... I have an mma fight in which I will be competing at 205. Right now I weigh 213ish but I feel like I can easily lose the 8 lbs. I have been heavily lifting the past couple of months and eating every 2-3 hours of clean food. Now when I start this cut I will be doing 2-a-days (cardio in the morning/training or lifting at night). What are ways in which I can lose 8 lbs but not lose the muscle that I just gained...

Nutritionally do I just want to cut down the portions and up the amount of times I eat? Instead of eating a cup of rice, 4 chicken tenderloins, and veggies do I want to cut it down to 2 tenders?

Any help/suggestions would be awesome...