View Full Version : NO Shotgun V3 Review (1st Day)

10-19-2009, 04:42 PM
Ok so when i got home today i got my package in the mail of NO Shotgun V3 (Exotic Fruit). So i opened it up really quick and made a glass of it. 1 scoop in 10oz water. I dont know where everyone gets the whole "it tastes like crap" idea from, i loved it. I honestly thought it kinda tasted like liquid candy lol. After about 10min after drinking it i felt slightly more energetic, but not much. About 15min later i headed out to the gym. I really didn't feel any strength gains or any crazy energy. Though, i did notice that i wasn't as tired throughout the workout and felt like i could do another set of some exercises.

So basically, I didnt feel any great pumps or crazy energy rush like with NO-Xplode, but it defiantly gave me more energy throughout the entire workout and lowered rest times. After i left the gym i felt really good too....maybe its just the weather though lol...2nd day of cool weather in FL. (70 deg as opposed to 95).