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09-30-2009, 06:36 AM
There's a thread entitled "Outline of Dave Palumbo's Diet For Cutting".

I'm planning on following the diet to a tee:

5 whole eggs (make sure to buy OMEGA-3 EGGS from the supermarket. They contain

virtually NO saturated fat and tons of good OMEGA-3 fats); add another 4 egg whites to

this (they don?t need to be the Omega-3 ones; you can use liquid egg whites)

SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoon of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar)

"Lean Protein Meal": 8oz chicken with 1/2-cup cashew nuts (almonds, or walnuts)

SHAKE: 50g Whey Protein with 1 ? tablespoons of All Natural Peanut butter (no sugar


"Fatty Protein Meal": 8oz Salmon, Swordfish, or RED MEAT with a green salad (no

tomatoes, carrots, or red peppers) with 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil or Macadamia nut oil

and vinegar

SHAKE: 50g Whey with 1 ? tablespoon all natural peanut butter or 4 whole (Omega-3)

eggs and 4 extra whites

I'm confused about the carb up. I'm planning to eat this meal every day (I don't get

sick of eating the same thing fortunately). I heard you have to carb up every so

often. If so, how much and how often?


09-30-2009, 07:00 AM
on your carb up day, make sure to reduce the fats as much as possible...10% of your calories, and replace all those fat cals with carbohydrate calories. I would suggest using fitday to examine your diet to tweak it.