View Full Version : Help with cardio and diet plan

09-22-2009, 10:41 AM
So ive been weight training for about 3 years on and off. from the start i had no clue about nutrition and training literally i jus started with a bench and sum weights and Did only bench press for about 6 months i then started training other body parts i added abit of mass but they were just "newbie gains". i then started lookin deeper into nutrition and started eating chicken and tuna alot with no success and hit a plateau around the start of this year i joined a gym an started doing Half hearted cardio 10 - 25mins before doing weights again a little succes, just felt a little increase in my Biceps but thats about it. im looking to join a new gym in the nex month an start Seriously im hopin to cut till christmas an then bulk up again and then cut for summer ill post sum pics from what i look like now and i was hopin for a few examples of what my diet shud be and my cardio plan to melt the fat off =) Btw i think my bodyfat is around 25%?

What i need is a good kick up the arse lol