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09-03-2009, 11:10 AM
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 11:27 AM
Subject: H1N1 Call Notes, September 2, 2009, 10 am

Moderator: Jack Colley, Chief, Texas Division of Emergency Management

*As you know, H1N1 is the lead story in the national media and is very much the #1 health topic in the state right now. The state has and will continue to preposition resources based on risk, not occurrence. The purpose of this call is to reach out to our state partners to give you an update on key, correct information. We have the following agencies here so we can speak with one voice to ensure we're all on the same page. Next call, Wednesday Sept 9 until you decide we no longer want or need the calls. Since you, our customers, are requesting these calls, we will continue to host them for the unforeseeable future.
*Key message is that this illness is NOT associated with swine or any other animals and the national media is perpetuating this issue and causing undue economic hardship to the pork industry by continuing to refer to this incorrectly as the Swine Flu.

DSHS, Assistant Commissioner Dr. Valadez,

*Current situation - All state health labs and some local labs participate in a statewide system to ensure we have a good picture of the illness. We currently have an increased amount of activity in flu-like illness however, it is below the normal amount we typically see at this time. We have had no statewide increase in flu in the last week. Seasonal flu and H1N1 are both in the public at this time.
*Non-pharmaceutical interventions available to anyone at any time. - It reduces the spread of disease in a community and provides us time to deal with this illness. This information is available at www.texasflu.org <http://www.texasflu.org/> .
*Many questions coming into DSHS: What is the definition of ill? Temperature greater than 100 degrees with cough and sore throat. These individuals should be screened by parents and school administrators and they should stay home. All school districts should have plans in place to deal with ill students. Do NOT give aspirin to reduce fever in children due to threat of Reyes Syndrome. Use other fever-reducing medicines such as Tylenol to assist.
*Call center information - Majority of calls come from physicians and immunization providers regarding availability of vaccine.
*Over 1800 people have participated in DSHS H1N1 conferences to date.
*In the process of finalizing a marketing campaign to assist with the education of Texans as it relates to flu-like illness and measures that can be taken to reduce the spread and lessen the effects.
*Health care provider pre-registration is being coordinated by DSHS and the vaccine will NOT be distributed through the usual health care channels. Pre-registering by Sept 11 is requested to assist DSHS with planning for appropriate resource ordering. Pre-registration can be done at www.texasflu.org <http://www.texasflu.org/> . You must be an authorized provider who is authorized to give vaccines in order to register.
*The vaccine is made with the same components as the seasonal flu vaccine that has been made for sixty years with a long proven safety record. The vaccine is safe to use in all pregnant women and children. There is no reason to expect the safety profile to change with the H1N1 vaccine.
*1.1 million doses should be received beginning Sept 30, with an additional 1.1 million doses on 10/15, and another 1.1 million doses on 10/31. We expect weekly allotments of vaccine after 10/31.
*Ongoing clinical trials are assessing the safety and efficacy of the H1N1 vaccine.
*Everyone is STRONGLY encouraged to take advantage of the seasonal flu vaccine that is already being offered in communities.
*Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has created a downloadable checklist to assist with H1N1 including continuity of operations planing information and planning concepts for absenteeism, staff illness, etc. Go to www.texasflu.org <http://www.texasflu.org/> for a link to the CDC site.

Texas Education Agency, Julie Harris-Lawrence

*Great efforts are being undertaken by school districts to ensure the safety and wellness of their students, faculty and staff.
*School districts are encouraged to update their communications plans including phone trees, letters to parents, etc., in preparation for any possible illness.
*Review the Texas Dept of Agriculture website for information on feeding opportunities should a school or schools be forced to close.
*Check the TEA website for waivers due to excessive absenteeism. You can call Mr. Mike Peebles at 512-463-5917 should have any questions regarding the waiver process.
*Ensure you are communicating with the stakeholders in your community to set the expectations for what your district or school will do in response to this event.
*Printable H1N1 posters in both English and Spanish are available on the TEA website.
*There is a link on the TEA website to ask questions and you are encouraged to use that link.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board,

*Reminder to the institutions of higher ed that the Higher Education Coordinating Board website is updated on a regular basis and appropriate links are available on the site.
*Stand ready and committed to work with institutions and answer any questions or issues that may result due to the closing of campuses or cancellation of classes.
*Contact information is available on the website.
*The Higher Education Coordinating Board will NOT make closing or cancellation decisions as that is a local agency decision. They will work to ensure you have the most updated information.

Texas Dept of Agriculture, Deputy Commissioner Drew Deberry.

*Normally, if schools are closed they are not allowed to serve reimbursable meals. You MUST do some work pre-event to ensure that you qualify for and are eligible to be reimbursed.
*That state has received an exemption in this case and information can be found at www.squaremeals.org/H1N1.
*Information has been mailed to schools regarding this program.
*This flu is in NO way connected to food safety.

Texas Animal Health Commission, Dr. Matt Cochran

*Standing by and ready to assist with animal surveillance and/or response plans.
*Swine do NOT pose a threat to people but people with influenza-like illness need to stay away from swine.
*Working with partners nationally to share plans and ideas on how to deal with this event.

Questions from the audience:

*There is no cross-protection from seasonal flu vaccine to H1N1 vaccine which is why you need to be immunized against both strains.
*Normal rates of first responders and health care workers seasonal flu vaccinations are horrible and need to increase to 100% due to their proximity to ill patients. This helps decrease the pressure on health care systems and leaves them to treat ill and injured patients.
*Currently following the CDC Advisory Committee guidelines for recommendations on priority groups. Law enforcement and others are not in those categories currently but we need to look at their functions to determine whether or not they are eligible.
*There is no shortage of seasonal flu vaccine nationally or statewide at this point.
*Current recommendation is for health care workers to stay out of the work place for 24 hours after fever has resolved or seven days from onset of symptoms, whichever is longer.
*H1N1 vaccine is being provided at no cost via federal government but there may end up being an administrative cost later on.
*Flu symptoms can present across the board and no one symptom is diagnostic of influenza-like illness. In the absence of any underlying condition, the common symptoms are fever, cough and sore throat. There can be other traditional flu-like symptoms but the main symptoms are high fever, cough and sore throat.
*There will be a vaccine information sheet (VIS) distributed when the H1N1 vaccine is given. This is required for all vaccines.
*A negative rapid influenza A test does not necessarily rule out influenza. Providers should be aware of this and treat accordingly.

Chief Colley -

Thank you for being on the call. Next call will be Wednesday, Sept 9th at 10:00 am. Call in information will be distributed as the date approaches.

Have a good day,


Lanita Magee

Regional Liaison Officer, Sub 1A

I can not provide a verifiable source of this, it is sent to me as part of my work. Please note the obvious LIES in it.. on one hand they are tell us its safe to take the shot, on the other they are telling us testing is still on going, on one hand animals are not a threat, on the other they are telling us to stay away from pigs if we are sick.. on one hand they are telling us this is not a animal born virus, yet we KNOW it is a mixture of Avian, swine and human flu.. and that swine CAN get this virus..

... and another little unknown fact, these shots contain squalene, the majority of current thinking is squalene is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome.

If you doubt this or are not sure..

or you can google.... squalene+Gulf War syndrome
and see for yourself.

09-03-2009, 11:27 AM
If there is no source, don't post it.

09-03-2009, 11:28 AM
It also contains the LIVE VIRUS.

09-03-2009, 11:32 AM
If there is no source, don't post it.

Again, we are back to if you dont like it, dont read it, and if you really want to know if it is true or not, it CLEARLY states the source of the sender.. you cant google their contact # and call, then ask if these are true? is that really that hard to do?

Sorry your life is very difficult.. please, ignore it and take your shot..