View Full Version : Sometimes health is a side effect to lifting.

07-04-2009, 06:59 AM
My grandparents lift now. They started a couple of years back to offset what years of life can and will do to a body. Many of our counterparts who are advanced in years are working out now to maintain mobility, increase longevity, and to be part of a social setting. Though, there are exceptions, I don't think they are interested in the pump, a three-hundred pound bench press, or upcoming summer bikini months. However, as I see it, the younger you are, the more likely you will be lifting for aesthetics or to be the new Hulk.

I've been lifting for 15 years now and never have I thought that I was lifting to be healthy. It's just a nice bonus to go along with a body that stands out. Muscles look good and, for the most part, healthy. There is that health word in second place.

Cardio is a member of the pain and suffering gang. I think it pledged about the same time dieting did. Cardio and diet are essential to lifting because without them we would be walking, undefined, slabs of meat (unless you are the genetically blessed and are unsure what those motorized machines are, lined in front of the t.v.'s). They are also part of a healthy lifestyle; a strong heart pushing essential nutrients through out our bodies. Did health take a back seat again?

Maybe I'm in the small minority. Perhaps the loyal gym members, exercise enthusiasts, group fitness attendants, and workout partners arriving at five a.m., squeezing in a quick 20 minutes during lunch, or straggling in after a solid eight hour day and fighting the evening commute, are coming in to be healthy and eagerly anticipate doing it over again the next day. It's possible my own vanity takes over my own thinking and I believe my only purpose to working out is to be attractive. If that's the case, I need to change my way of thinking quick before I'm found out for being a phony.

When you spend time thinking of working out, what are you thinking about? Do you want to gain muscle to be stronger and more attractive, or to be healthier? Do you want to lose wait to be more appealing or to extend your living potential? Do you want to add fifty pounds to your bench because you are the alpha male or because it will improve the health quality of your life?