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06-24-2009, 01:41 PM
He calls himself oldsuperman, but I disagree. He is in better shape than most guys half his age, including myself and has many goals he is going to achieve. One being the IFBB. You have come this far Ed, it is time to turn up the "volume" and get that real IFBB card you have been wanting.

I read through Ed's article that is featured on World physique and what an inspiration to me and the world of BB. A success story that can be mine and yours as well.( i'm working on mine:) ) Time, dedication, patients and commitment and you and I can be superman just like Ed.

Take the time to read his interview with world physique at the link listed below won't you please.

After reading through his motivational interview, if Ed has been an inspiration to you,
add him to your "Most Inspired member" list if you would! I have.


Thank you Ed, for sharing your success story. - Jim

06-25-2009, 11:26 PM
Great story...thanks for the link

06-26-2009, 12:24 AM
I really mix things up a lot when I train. I do this to always attack the muscles from a different angle so all of my muscle fibers get challenged.

Leg day
Standing leg presses. 3 sets
1st set, 180 lbs 100 reps
2nd set, 360 lbs 50 reps
3rd set, 450 lbs 50 reps

Aaaahhhaaa. Get the paddles and shock me back to life!

Leg extensions 4 sets
1st set, 110 lbs 26 reps complete
2nd set 110 lbs 5 reps regular slow and controlled, 11 reps raise and squeeze at the top for 1 count, then down slow.
3rd set 110 lbs dido, except 8 reps squeeze, etc.
4th set 90 lbs dido, 12 rep squeeze , and 10 reps total failure.

Leg curls 4 sets
1st set, 130 lbs, 28 reps complete
2nd set, 130 lbs, 19 reps complete
3rd set, 130 lbs, 12 reps complete
4th set, 110 lbs, 15 reps complete


Damn I though I trained legs hard..