View Full Version : what do you tell yourself when you are gaining the weight you lost back?

06-14-2009, 10:04 PM
ive been frustrated as of late and my body is starting to feel flabby all around due to the lack of excercise and constant junk food eating. every now and then I also smoke some pot which im sure makes things a lot worse.

I think I have gained 4 pounds or so..but i am small in terms of muscle, so I was working on a bulk...I was wondering if anyone recommended a workout program that involves building muscle and getting in better shape, I just want to have a lean look and increase my strength.

06-14-2009, 10:34 PM
heres what you need to do:

go to mirror.
look at yourself in mirror.
say outloud something like, "i want to feel good about myself, physcially, mentally, and every which way possible."

Proceed to computer - bb.com - read "stickys" on the nutrition, losing fat, and motivation forums. specifically read the info that the legend, Alan Aragon, graciously contributes.

Write down, or print information that can be utilized and read this information religiously.

Also, go to workout program threads and find one that you think would work for you and fit in your schedule.

Proceed to whoop azz in the gym and set small short term goals.

Don't get down on yourself if you feel the results are taking too long to achieve. Getting in shape takes work and determination - so if you get down on yourself, give yourself a good couple of smacks in the face and proceed with your progress.