View Full Version : Rectus Femoris "dent"?

06-11-2009, 03:15 PM
My quad development is far ahead of schedule. I have always been gifted with pretty large/imposing quads.
For a long portion of my young life I played baseball. It lead me to have a few minor injuries such as: Calf tear, right anterior deltoid atrophy, right biceps rupture and some sort of a "dent" in my right quad.
All of these injuries have been worked through and mended completely.
Except for the quad.
It frustrates me so much. My quads don't really look any different from each other... Except for the medial head of my right quad. It seems to... Like I said before... Dent into my thigh. It has some SICK striations when my bf is low.. But the symmetry between legs is what pisses me off. They basically look the same.. Except for the dent. I've had minor pain in this area, and am not completely sure how it happened.. But I just want to know.. has anybody else ever had this problem? If so, do you compete or have you mended this problem? I just need some help because I don't want to step on stage and get second place only because of a quad looking a little freakier than the other one. I need a little bit of help. Pictures of this injury would help me a lot and advice would also help a TON.
Thank you guys. I appreciate any responses.