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06-10-2009, 07:28 AM
Okay, to be straight up honest, I saw the thread title of a thread here, something along the lines of 'Write Yourself a Letter', and the OP's thought was initially write yourself a letter in which you can refer to when in low motivation levels.

Now to twist that idea slightly, what if, you write yourself a letter, put in it everything you feeling, everything going on in your life, pros, cons, current weight, bf%, lifts, and future goals. Even put in stuff like your current job, whether you enjoy it, if you are after promotion, or thinking about changing careers. Even your schooling, like favourite subject, teacher, latest test scores, upcoming tests and what you want to achieve. Sporting wise, like your current situation on your team, last couple game results etc. Maybe you also want to add your social life, like, how often you go out, meet up with friends, go out and do activities and so fourth. And of cause, as mentioned earlier, your fitness, lifts, weight, bf%, goals, what you are digging in your workout, what needs changing. So pretty much you write everything, both good and bad about everything in your life at the current time, and what you want to change.

Okay, so you have maybe a 6 page letter (haha just kidding, but maybe yours is that long, it doesnt matter), grab a envelope, put the letter in it, seal it up. Write on the envelope "Open on the XX/XX/XX" (Put a date a few months down the track). Put the envelope away but not where it may be forgotten.

Now the period between writing and opening, should be where you are motivated the most, in all aspects of your life. You should wake up, see this sealed envelope which has all your thoughts, dreams, current feelings and future goals, and go "Right, what to do today to be a better man/woman".

Time passes and you are doing awesome in life, might of had a couple setbacks but you are moving forward, lifts are going up, found a new job and going out with friends more often, life is swell!

Now when the time comes to open up the envelope, you open it (naturally). Now this should be the most motivating thing, what you should read infront of you is how you were, and how you vow never to go back to him/her. You read your past, some things may have been "Job is so pointless right now, I want a job where I am really making a difference" And then it clicks, the new job you got volunteering part-time at the homeless shelter really adds meaning to your life. You keep reading "I see my friends sometimes, but not enough" Then you laugh because you are meeting your friends tonight. Your eyes veer across the paper to read "My fitness has improved great deals, might run a marathon" And you look at your registration papers for the marathon in 3 weeks.

It may be hard to follow, or understand, but it's a idea swimming in my brain. Just write yourself a letter, it doesn't have to contain all negative points, positives are encouraged. But to be honest, most people who need to do this to gain motivation, isn't doing the best (myself is included in this). And remember, it doesn't have to be all about fitness, it can span across your entire lifestyle. Just remember you have have to seal it, and not open it until the date you wrote down. Oh and also, keep a brief summary of the letter, mostly of your goals, so you don't forget what you are actually striving for, because you may have a goal in your head for weeks, but once you write it down, your brain doesn't feel the pressure now to remember it, so it forget its (okay i made that up, but could hold some truths).

Give it a go, i know i will

06-10-2009, 10:41 AM
This is a really really good idea. On a course I went on about two years ago, they got us to do a similar thing, where they held on to the letters and sent them out after a certain period of time. Mine showed up in the post last week, and I'd totally forgotten about it. It was one of the most useful things I've ever done, really showed me what I've done right and wrong in the last two years. I think your idea is even better, to have it somewhere where you can see it every day to remind you to keep going.