View Full Version : Any Morale Boosting Strategies?

06-08-2009, 11:59 PM
Whenever I miss or can't finish a workout I feel like absolute sh*t. Same thing applies if I miss one of my meals or if I'm stuck eaating something unhealthy because there's nothing else around. For example, today was chest day I was really amped up because I added 10 lbs. to my bench. I always have my toughest exercises first in the workout such as bench press so I have more energy for them, so I went all out on my flat bench and decline. Afterwords I was absolutely thrashed, I tried incline but couldn't pull off even one set with good form. I tried some other stuff too but still no dice. I'm not one of those pussfarts that lets low morale get in the way of everything by making up stupid excuses, but I just don't think this is healthy and I'm sick of feeling like crap. Any tips? If you have some good ones I'll throw a rep your way.