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06-08-2009, 09:29 AM
How can I get myself on a clean diet? I dont have trouble with working out, tons of motivation there but at the end of the day I always see things I shouldn't have eaten... Mostly bacon or pizza,, or watever else it is... I know I just need to get my priority;s straight, just looking for tips or something to motivate me to say no..

06-08-2009, 10:07 AM
A simple sentence changed my life (heard it @ Penn & Teller's "Bull****"):

"Don't eat so ****ing much."

Just try to develop yourself a similar sentence, maybe with less self-hatred. A mantra like this works wonders.

06-08-2009, 10:30 AM
How can I get myself on a clean diet? I dont have trouble with working out, tons of motivation there but at the end of the day I always see things I shouldn't have eaten... Mostly bacon or pizza,, or watever else it is... I know I just need to get my priority;s straight, just looking for tips or something to motivate me to say no..

Plan A I use, if it's not in your house, frat room, apartment, w/e, you can't eat it. Also, Corollary to Plan A, gum, you need to chew on something, sugar free gum works wonders :D

Here is a wrestling appetite curbing tip, a) drink coffee, no sugar just straight up coffee, won't make you hungry any more, b) before you reach for that pizza, go over to the sink, grab a glass of water, fill it up all the way, and chug, afterward see if you still want it.

06-08-2009, 05:02 PM
whenever im craving something sweet, i brush my teeth. its weird but it seems to do the trick.

i see you like bacon, so if you do your own shopping buy turkey bacon. its ****ing awesome and so much less fat.
just make sure you have only healthy stuff in your pantry/fridge. then you wont be tempted to break diet :)

06-08-2009, 05:53 PM
Track everything you eat and then challenge yourself to see if you can hit your exact Macro goals for Carbs, Protein, Fat, sugar, etc.

It's difficult to get your macros correct with Pizza, beer, etc.

06-08-2009, 08:03 PM
If you can, reverse your thinking. When you're eating that greasy pizza, don't think about the taste, think about what you're putting into your body. Think about the unhealthy aspects of every bite, and find you'll enjoy it a lot less. This sounds silly, I know, but it'll discourage you from eating those "tasty" foods and it works in reverse too - as you eat clean food, just think about all the quality nutrition you're giving your body. Picture your muscles getting everything they need.

Eventually, you'll be in a shopping mall, walk past the food court and you'll see somebody eating pizza or fast-food and you'll find yourself thinking "ugh, that looks disgusting, how can they put that filth into their bodies." It'll get to the point where you don't want those tasty treats anymore, and when you do have them, they aren't nearly as good so it's not even worth it. And everything clean seems to taste so much better.

It works, trust me.

06-09-2009, 02:15 AM
I use the brushing my teeth too. I cant eat anything after i do cuz anything tastes like **** for me... it works wonders outside of eating hours i just grab that toothbrush and paste and brush... first ull teeth'll be whiter and u wont eat junk lol.

06-09-2009, 08:55 PM
Just eat vegetables and fruit. Trick your body. Cook lots of veggies, get full on them not meat. A big bowl of veggies is about 500 calories estimate. The same volume if it were meat would be much more. With veggies you can gorge yourself and not see the same numbers like meat. I am not saying give up meat.

06-10-2009, 02:49 AM
For this - I will post an entry of one of my favourite blogs:

If you missed a day?s training would you stop training altogether? Would one bad set make you stop doing that exercise? A less than all out focus during a session make you doubt it all so you?d stop going to the gym?
I hope not.

Then, how come you are that black and white about your diet?? A bad choice, a mishappening, a unplanned splurge and you surrender and reason ?what the heck, I did so bad I can just as well keep doing bad?. How come you talk yourself into believing there is no difference between one pizza and two? A doughnut being just as bad as having five of them?
Don?t you see that having a thousand extra calories is less detrimental than 4000 extra calories??

Most diet relapses occur because you don?t believe it does impact you negatively.
Because you believe every time this IS the last time.

But since you never ask yourself why it took place at all in the first place, you don?t learn your lesson. ?I will be better from now on? does not do it. Why would you? Do you have a new strategy up your sleeve? What did you learn from your sabotaging your leaning out progress except for seeing close up how scary fast the fat comes back? Nothing right.
Because you don?t even KNOW why you did it.

You may say it was from stress, from family crises, from sickness, boredom and the worst one ?I did not know what to do!?. Well, yes you KNOW deep inside what to do: stay away from the damn bad choices! Nobody forces you to go in to Arbys or KFC, order the plus menu and eat it. Nobody puts the milkshake down your throat right? You just stop believing in consequences of your actions and failing time after time and being a ?forever never gonna get lean? person does not do you any good.

You DO know what is right to do when you have a hard time stopping yourself from going overboard. you DO know it?s very smart to physically make you incapable of overeating by STUFFING YOURSELF WITH GOOD LOW CALORIE FOODS! Like fibers, vegetables, lean proteins. So why don?t you do it: you don?t like feeling stuffed? well, you rather stuff yourself with THAT than stuffing your fat cells don?t you.

You cannot have the cookie and eat it. Stop being a child who has no control of what you put into your mouth. Come on, are you not an intelligent THINKING individual who sees ?I do this and this happens??


Well, one wonders?.

06-10-2009, 06:01 AM
For this - I will post an entry of one of my favourite blogs:

good post..

I used to follow the same mentality.. Until one day's event led me into the following qoute.

"If your driving your car and you puncture a tire, what do you do? Repair that tire or puncture all of them?"

06-10-2009, 06:46 AM
Get angry at your food... get angry and disappointed at yourself when you stop being disciplined, whip yourself. lol I do.

Picture your goal, your hard work, all the effort... think about all the times how fat ass or weak you were, think about how you don't want to be like that no more. Think about how you want to be bad ass fit :D... and slap yourself each time you are being undisciplined... well not literally or maybe hahaha.

Have and develop this mental toughness... you'll hate eating unhealthy, you'll hate being undisciplined, you'll hate being fat or weak, you'll be more motivated when constantly reminded of the positive results vs negative results.

I am very hard working and disciplined based on the above principles... have a clear and tough mind... be sharp as a knife with your discipline, even when results are slow keep going, know that if you stop your results are guaranteed failure, if you keep going, no matter how slow the results are, you are guaranteed results to come.

Stop drinking alcohol, it's bad for you no matter what, everyone knows it, no point arguing about it. I never used to be a drinker, but since I became Muslim I haven't touched a tiny sip. I just see people drinking around me and see how foolish they are.

Stop junk food, stop carbonated drinks, heavy cheezy/carb/sticky/oily/bready junk like pizzas, mcdonald/kfc/whatever hamburgers and other fast foods... stop chocolate, etc... stop intaking sugar (some people go spoon by spoon), try to reduce salt... it makes your food demand you to drink too much juice/sweet stuff...

The above alone made me lose fat/weight. Once you get off the 'high' of these garbage junk foods and habbits NATURALLY you'll feel disgusted whenever you smell or taste them.

KICK YOUR OWN ASS, be a man, be disciplined :)

Think of how negative these things are. Stopping a lot of the above junk makes you realize how everything is marketed through the media to be super sized and 'enjoyable'.

The fact is think about past nations, past people, how they ate, what they ate... even poor countries, poor people how they eat, how they survive, and lots of them are fit and not fat... that's why most of the western world and soon the whole world is MAD OBESE. People eat for entertainment and enjoyment! You feel bored, automatically junk food or something 'enjoyable to eat' comes to mind!

I look at things this way... In this life there are two ways people do things. One type of people like the temporary instant enjoyment. Some people on the other hand like to work hard for the long-term and they may have it tough initially.

The first crowd suffers in the long run (eg; people who are players, mess around, waste their youth, get drunk, go to parties, time, life). They think they are enjoying themselves... but in the long run they screw themselves.

The second crowd works hard, is cautious, disciplined, not wasteful, manage their time and resources for maximum progress, etc... they may not seem like they are enjoying themselves initially but they will enjoy themselves later.

Temporary experiences can be 'enjoyable' but in the long term you suffer in so many different ways. Likewise if you do things for the long term, naturally you'll prosper in the long term and not just in the quick moment that goes away.

Likewise with food... lots of unhealthy and bad food tastes 'GREAT' (or so we think once addicted), and healthy and good foods, even medicines taste TERRIBLE... but they are good for us. People hate vegetables, yet they are great for nutrients and multitude of things. On the other hand chocolate tastes great but has really little nutrition value...

Be a thinker, get a grip of yourself, be in power of yourself. Be disciplined, be of principle. It'll help you in your whole life not just nutrition.