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05-20-2009, 11:03 PM
See, there is a reason why we train so hard, there's a reason why we should never lose motivation, there's a reason why we shouldn't give up so easily, when we should continue on the path we follow, even when there is a shorter and less challenging path ahead, there is a reason why we need to stay on track, and accomplish the goals we have set out to set.

The reason is that moment. That one exact moment in time where you realize what you have accomplished, where you realize that all the hardwork and time you've put in was worth it. That time you skipped out on drinking, that time you missed out on something to go to the gym, the extra hour out of your weekend to make food for the week. All the little sacrifices that you have made, all played a role in achieving that moment. Those ten seconds where you feel like the whole world is looking at you, congratulating you. And in those ten seconds all of the emotions, all of the pain, everything you endured doesn't matter anymore, you've accomplished your goal.

Maybe the crowd is roaring behind you, as you walk off the platform, or accept your medal, maybe you're in the bathroom, stepping on your scale, maybe you're looking up at the clock and seeing that new time you set, maybe you finally did your first pushup or pullup. It doesn't matter what you have done, how impressive or how trivial the goal is, it's the hard work you put in, and that you got out what you wanted that matters. And after that moment, you step back and realize you want more, so you go back at it, wanting, chasing that moment of glory.

This is why we train so hard, this is why we make sacrfices, this is why we lift.


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Nice post man, well wrote as well.

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Great post Baker.

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Did you write that Baker? Exellent! Repped

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Did you write that Baker? Exellent! Repped

Yea I did, thanks guys

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You did it! You motivated me! Great one!

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This is a good post. Thanks!

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Sounds like an article off the animalpak website.

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Nice post man, very well written.

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that passage brought inspiration thanks you

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