View Full Version : help im not sure wat i should do

05-11-2009, 02:13 PM
sorry im making lots of threads but im really confused

so i need some help

My goal is to get stronger for basketball. but my problem is i'm not sure whether i should be trying to gain weight or to lose fat. so can someone help me on which i should do and how much calories i'm supposed to eat.

im 15 years old and 156 lbs and i think my body fat is around 15%.

i lift weights 3 times a week and play basketball for about 4 hours per week.

so im confused which i should do

1. eat high calories to gain muscle and some fat comes with it i guess

2. eat lower calories to lose fat

im gonna workout the same for both of them so just not sure about to eat a lot or no

cause im afraid to get too fat to run up and down the court