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04-16-2009, 06:23 PM
Hello Everyone!! I am so excited to have joined this community!!

I have been reading a lot of the posts and would really like some feed back!

I am 21 years old, 105 lbs, BF% 11.8-12.8 (according to some hand held machine that my trainer did), and pretty much resemble a toothpick, especially in the upper body region (chest, ARMS, and bony back) :)

My goal is to build as much muscle as possible and become more proportionate...

I have mixed signals on how much protein/carbs/fat to consume on a daily basis as well as calories. I currently consume an average of 1700 calories (17%fat;69% carbs; 14% protein). According to many vegan bodybuilding forums, .36-.68g of protein/lb is what I need, which would be 71g on the higher end of the scale. I will up my fat intake to be about 20% and reduce my carbs to 55%-60% and my protein to 20%. Does this sound about right? How much protein/fat/carbs do all of you lovely ladies consume? And how many calories?

Also, I seem to always be eating, sometimes even when I am full. Do you eat every 2 hours or so... or what does every one do?

I would also love some feedback on all of your transitions... what you started at body wise, how much you were lifting and which exercises, and what you do now!

Thank you in advance, I wish you could see the enormous smile on my face!

04-16-2009, 08:50 PM
hi there, and welcome! :)

Most of the vegetarian and vegan bodybuilders here seem to post in the main nutrition forum. There was also an interesting thread I read recently in advanced nutrition subforum:

I'm not vegetarian/vegan, though I used to be vegetarian years ago. I found it difficult to get enough protein in order to build up my (skeletal) upper body, so I gave up the lifestyle, which isn't to say I eat what's considered sufficient protein even now. I think given your stats, 71g is fine, more is considered better, but I tend to disagree.

I think you'll find a good amount of support at bb.com, you just may have to visit multiple forums/subforums to find the right threads.