View Full Version : Weight loss plateau in my cut-transformation

03-28-2009, 06:06 AM
I am doing a 12 week transformation-cut for a little contest we have going at my gym. I started at 186 and I'm down to 174. I'm very pleased with my progress but I cant get that stubborn fat off my lower stomach. My progress pics were looking better and better every 2 weeks. Now they are looking the same as two weeks ago.. I think I have cut my calories too much. I have been doing some low carb days, and I feel I'm just not getting enough calories. Does this cause a stall in weight loss (slowing metabolism)?

Sample diet I'm following:

breakfast 7:30- 5 egg whites and oatmeal

Snack 10:30- Protein Bar- VPX zero impact

lunch 12:00- Grilled chicken salad

Snack- 3:30- Beverly protein shake

Supper- Grilled chicken or lean turky burgers and vegetables

Snack 10:00- Beverly protein shake

Any help would be appreciated.. Just getting a little frustrated that I can't get this lower stomach fat to go away.. I want to see some abs for the summer!!

I'm working out 4-5 times weekly and cardio 20 mins 5 days a week