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03-18-2009, 07:28 PM
i 6'3 and as of last friday i was 205lbs. my goal is to loose weight.. im sure i would be happy at 190. i would like to get there by the end of may if i can. but heres my problem. i work all day from 7:30-4 then i got school from 5-10pm. by the time i get home from school its time for me to hit the bed. so i dont have time to go to the gym. i have alittle beer gut so i think thats where most of my extra weight is at.

what i have been doing in the afternoons when i get off i have about 20min to kill. so i do push-ups. i do 35 at one time till i just cant do the last one, then i take a 2min break to drink water. then i do 20 pushups on one leg, then after that i do as many as i can till i feel like im going to passout. i do this everyday. if i dont do that. ill lift weights during that time. thats about all the time i have per day to workout.

i eat 2 jimmy dean bisquits every morning, for lunch i eat leftovers from night before or 2 hotpockets, or small microwave pizza, and for dinner i eat some kind of meat with a salad.

anything i should do diffrent? i feel like my eating isn't right but i have cut portions down about 25%. any more then that and i starve. i have been use to eating till i just cant eat anymore and also eating for no reason..just do to it. on dec 26th i was at a alltime high of 216. all i did was stop drinking 6 beers everynight, and stop eating just because. but i still drink 2 beers a night. all i drink now with my meals is diet drinks and water. i am drinking about 8 glasses of water per day. seems like i am at a point now where i cant get below 205.

so anything i should change? any tips on loosing this weight but keeping the muscle? i would love to GAIN muscle and mass but loose the fat if that is even possible

Thanks in advance,