View Full Version : When to change eatting habits from loosing to bulking

Rubix Redux
03-01-2009, 02:53 PM
I have lost a bunch of weight over the past year. I started at 262 and now weigh 203. I am 6' 4".

My goal is to get down to 192 then bulk up from there. Is there a point where you know that it is time to start bulking up? I feel that the time is near, and while I am building muscle while loosing weight, I know that there is a totally different way to go about eating to maximize the results. Does anyone have links to good articles or suggestions about when or how to start bulking up?

03-01-2009, 03:04 PM
I'm actually there right now man. I don't know if there is a right time. For me it was just I feel like I hav lost as much as I can for now and it would be good to put on some muscle for a couple of months. Then cut down one more time with more muscle.

Rubix Redux
03-01-2009, 03:10 PM
Yeah I read your other post eariler. Congrats of the weight loss from one former big guy to another.

03-01-2009, 03:19 PM
being 6'4'' 203 seems pretty good. Unless you dont have much muscle. Depends really on how you want to look for the summer. Or if you are looking more for in the long run. If u want to be more ripped this summer keep cutting. But in the long run putting on muscle to cut more down the road might be a better approach depends on goals i guess. hope that helps

Rubix Redux
03-01-2009, 03:23 PM
Yeah that absolutly helps. The idea of gaining now and cutting later never crossed my mind.

I think I might keep cutting my body fat and then bulk up from there.

But is it hard to bulk up from low body fat then with a higher body fat?

03-01-2009, 03:28 PM
i would think not. Might even be easier as you wont have to eat as much. someone your size even when u cut down some more will have to eat a good portion of food to put on some LBM. Assuming you are eating correctly,which by the weight loss you had seems like it. Nice job and good luck